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Reeds by Suze is a small, woman owned business that prides itself on not just providing the right tools to help our oboe community members sing vibrantly, but giving back to the animal community. Each purchase has a portion go back to an animal serving organization. One of the reoccurring groups Reeds by Suze supports is Artists for Animals.

All Oboe and English horn reeds are personalized and handmade of high quality whether being a student or professional style.

Each reed contains the following highest quality and standards:

  •  KGE, Pisoni, Rigotti & Shalita French Reserve Cane options and standard MMI cork staples

  • Options of 10-10.5 gouge or 10.5-11 gouge

  • Mack + Shape for Oboe, Jeanne Standard English Horn Shape

  • Stable & Vibrates Freely

  • American Long Scrape

  • Option to customize reed ( hardness level, string color, cane, staple)

Our turnaround time averages between 5-7 business days but also offer expedited shipping and emergency reed services.

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